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"We Clean It All"

At Infinite Landscape & Pressure Washing, LLC, lawn care and pressure washing services are the cornerstone of what we do. A veteran owned and operated business. Infinite Landscape & Pressure Washing, LLC. began in 2012 with the goal of providing expert services to our customers. We pride ourselves in getting the job done right the first time. We are a  small team of workers with over 8 years of experience in this industry. 

Curb appeal is arguably one of  the most important factors when  determining the value of a home or what invites customers in the doors of a business.  Allow us at Infinite Landscape & Pressure Washing, LLC.  take care the aesthetics of your home or business. We offer impeccable service at competitive prices! Take a look at our most requested services below. Contact us for a free estimate or demo @ Mobile Office 803- 306-7226 or Main Office 803-851-1913


- Fully Licensed & Insured - up to $2,000,000 – increased for certain jobs if required. We will let you know right from the beginning if we can assist you with your needs. We do use utilize boom lifts, in cases where we can't reach certain areas from ground level. We will inform you of this prior to giving a bid or estimate on a job, so no ones time is wasted. Uncertain about anything, just give us a call @ 803 - 306 - 7226 and schedule a free bid or estimate.


- Stars on the map indicate Company Operators for all commercial, industrial and residential services. Columbia, SC is the Company Headquarters.


- Each Company Operator covers 60 - 100 miles in support of each other in both cardinal and intercardinal directions. This allows us to cover the entire South Carolina.


- Columbia, SC & Greenwood, SC company operators are the only operators to offer both landscape and power and soft wash services. Landscape services are limited to a 25 miles radius for residential and 40 miles for commercial 60 miles for industrial.


- We do travel outside of South Carolina slightly but only to the places listed on the above map, to include the small towns in between those cities not listed. Commercial, Industrial contracts only. We do not do that for Residential jobs, unless that job falls within our radius range. Uncertain if you fall within that radius, just give us a call @ 803 - 306 - 7226 Address is required.


- We provide demo cleaning on all Commercial and Industrial power washing jobs prior to beginning contracts and one time jobs. The demo shows you the process, what to expect and how it will come out. Understand, some areas might come out better than others. We like and want to establish the expectations of the job prior to investing the time, work, and energy into the job.


- Pricing - We like and try to fit into your budget based off what services are being requested; at the same time making a decent profit for the company, while providing exceptional service. Pricing is and can be based on numerous things but the main factor we consider and look at are as follows: Time, Size, Requirements (Tools, Chemicals etc), How Often (Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly). We itemize all proposals and estimates to make sure it is very clear and straight forward.


- Give us a call today @ 803 - 306 - 7226  or 803 - 851 - 1913 and we will show you why we are among the best in this industry. We are ready to complete your next job, big or small.

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Commercial, Industrial & Residential Services

Lawn Care

Pruning of Trees and Shrubs



Spring & Fall Cleanup


Weed Control

Litter and Debris Removal


Soft Wash

Pressure Wash




Drive Thru



Store Fronts

Trash Dumps

Trash Bins

Gas Stations

Ground & Concrete

Parking Lots & Structures

Load Docks & Freight Area

Heavy Equipment

Construction Sites 

much more...

Mobile Detailing


Privately Owned

Company Owned

Lawn Care



Power Wash


Soft Wash

Mobile Detailing

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